New: Thinkinetic Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max

New: Thinkinetic Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max

What’s new in Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max

Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max brings new destruction features and important updates in performance and usability.

  • Fractures solver computes around 2 times faster. Get more debris in impact areas without the need for further adjustment.
  • Shatter along part of a curve. Refine cracks as many as needed in a visual way. For example, surface cracks can be bound to create easily nice stress effects. Reversing a crack involves just one click. In fact, create and adjust surface cracks easier than ever before.
  • Jagginess, or the ability to add roughness to cut faces, also received an important update. By default, jagginess now only applies to broken areas in simulation. To be clear, make lighter meshes for rendering or when exporting it to game engines.

In addition, the update includes several other performance and usability improvements.

Read the full list of fixes in the Pulldownit Updates Tab

Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max Features

Shatter New Features

Puldownit for 3ds Max Shatter It
New Extent parameter for Shatter It tool. This new parameter allows shrinking the shatter region in a visual way. Easily increase the density of fragments in any area of the model.

New ability to exclude part of the curve in Shatter it. Simply drag the mouse to select the extent of the curve that you want to shatter. Do this as many times as needed. One single curve is enough for all reshattering operations.

pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max Jagginess applies to broken fragments only

Jagginess applies to broken fragments only. By default Jagginess now only applies to the areas broken in simulation. In other words, get much lighter meshes for rendering or exporting it to game engines.

Dynamics New Features

PDI Fracture Solver 2x faster. Scenes involving hundreds or thousands of fragments in dynamics now compute twice as faster with the same stability as the previous version.

Pulldownit 5 for 3ds Max: Improved quality of Fracture solver

Improved quality of Fracture solver. Get more realistic cracks with small fragments without the need for further adjustment.

Pulldownit 5 fo 3ds Max Shatter New bounded behaviour for crackers

New bounded behavior for crackers. Control the distance that detached fragments can move. For example, make them stick on the surface or let them free and allow them to fall.

UI Enhancements

The new ability to reverse Cracker direction. Reverse a dynamic crack easily by clicking on the panel button.

Create fracture body 2x faster. Fracture bodies made of thousands of fragments in only a few seconds with a PDI solver.

Creating and modifying fracture clusters is an almost instant operation.

Improved visualization in Stresses View. When in Stresses View, all fragments are now displayed in a solid color, regardless of their material.

Stresses view “break at frame” clusters are now displayed in green color. In other words, quickly identify clusters set to break at frame (green) from the rest.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki