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Accusonus ERA review accusonus era bundle review

Accusonus has recently released ERA Bundle 4.0 which Toolfarm now carries. Do these simple one-knob plugins for filmmakers hold their promise?  Jeff Loch with Cinema5D, a self proclaimed non-audio person, took a look to find out.

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

To me, the Accusonus ERA 4 plugins work pretty well. I tried this on numerous other “real life” projects, and they did a great job with very few tweaks. The ERA plugins run perfectly smooth and in real time on my MacBook Pro, except for the De-Clipper, which needs a little bit more processing, I guess. The good thing is, Premiere never crashed because of the plugins.

Of course, the better your original sound recording is, the better the results. But, if you need to quickly fix some audio mistakes you made, without a lot of effort, the ERA plugins are the right solution.

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About Jeff Loch
Jeff Loch is a French freelance director, editor and colorist, working mostly on music videos, commercials, and corporate films.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha