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MusicTech took a look at Audio Design Desk, a DAW that reimagines sound design, part DAW, part sampler, part sound library.   They asked the question, “Can this new user-friendly DAW really change the game for those in audio post-production?”

Read an excerpt of the review below and follow the link to the full article.  By the way, Audio Design Desk is on sale right now for 30% off!

Audio Design Desk Review by MusicTech

The pro-level sound designers who have already sampled the delights of ADD felt threatened by its capabilities at first, with some suggesting that it could put them out of work. But given time and direction, they found that the software opened up their creative abilities like never before. If you’re working on personal projects and looking for a DAW dedicated to audio-to-visual synchronisation, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Audio Design DeskAudio Design Desk

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Posted by Kim Sternisha