Review: ColorSynth is a Compelling Color Correction Plug-in

codex colorsynth

Arthur Ditner from Redshark News took a look at ColorSynth, the new color correction plug-in from Codex.  While not as robust as DaVinci Resolve, Baselight or Mistika, Arthur found that the workflow is intuitive and the results are very good.

ColorSynth is a compelling colour correction plug-in for most popular NLEs

Here’s an excerpt from the review:

Codex ColorSynth is a compelling option if you are a colourist looking to keep the workflow “in-the-box” and not be bothered with sending out and doing a conform in another application. The results are quite nice and the development team was very friendly during my testing period with the program.

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codex colorsynthCodex ColorSynth

Intuitive Color Grading for Premiere Pro, After Effects,  Final Cut Pro X & Motion.

Simple at first glance, ColorSynth is an elaborate pre-wired network of color processing nodes totaling more than sixty items arranged in an six-layer stack with several sub-layers.

Regardless of the complexity of the grade, ColorSynth renders the results in floating point precision, at a constant speed. The grading template is designed to work from a simple One Light pass to the most esoteric needs.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha