Review: CrumplePop’s ClearVoiceover Audio Plugin

CrumplePop ClearVoiceover Audio Plugin

Allan Tépper reviews ClearVoiceover audio plugin, a tool that facilitates equalizing a fuller musical sound-bed to insert a voice, without overall ducking. The editing platforms include Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, Logic X, Garageband, and Adobe Audition.

One interesting thing about this review is that he found out that he can use ClearVoiceover within Hindenburg Journalist (Pro).

To my happy surprise, after inquiring with FxFactory, I discovered that ClearVoiceover was also in my Hindenburg Journalist Pro, under Effects>CrumplePop or Efectos>CrumplePop, if you have your macOS system in Castilian, the world’s most widely used of all the official Spanish languages. Note that the ClearVoiceover text always appears in English, at least with the current version. I realized later that this is because ClearVoiceover is an AU plugin.

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CrumplePop ClearVoiceoverCrumplePop ClearVoiceover Audio Plugin

Plugin for removing clashing frequencies from background audio in FCPX and Premiere Pro

Create clean, crisp and easy to understand voiceovers by removing clashing frequencies from your background music – right inside FCPX, Premiere, Logic X, Garageband, and Audition.

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To download a trial version, click on the product page. This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).



Posted by Michele Yamazaki