Review: FilmConvert Nitrate by Oliver Peters

Review: FilmConvert Nitrate by Oliver Peters

Oliver Peters reviews FilmConvert Nitrate at his blog, Digital Films. He talks about how editors color grade and apply LUTs. Oliver explains how FilmConvert Nitrate fits into an editor’s workflow. And, of course, he takes FilmConvert Nitrate for a spin and tests it on a few formats of clips, and even doubling them up.  To clarify, he also talks about performance and gives his honest opinion on FilmConvert Nitrate.

Any color correction effect – especially film emulation styles – are highly subjective, so no single filter is going to be a perfect match for everyone’s taste. FilmConvert Nitrate advances the original FilmConvert plug-in with an updated interface, built around a venerable set of film stock choices. This makes it a good choice if you want to nail the look of film. There’s plenty you can tweak to fine-tune the look, not to mention a wide variety of specific camera profiles. Even Apple iPhones are covered.

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FilmConvert NitrateFilmConvert Nitrate

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Give digital camera footage the color and grain, specifically, of your favorite film stocks.

FilmConvert is cross-platform. All plug-ins with Nitrate Upgrade, including:

  • Adobe Plug-in (+ Photoshop)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • OFX Plug-in: Not only DaVinci Resolve but also Scratch and Magix Vegas
  • Avid Media Composer Plug-in

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