Review: FilmConvert Nitrate for film stock emulation

FilmConvert Nitrate

Brady Betzel at PostPerspective gives a great review of FilmConvert Nitrate, which is a tool to give video footage the look of beautiful film at a fraction of the cost of shooting the real thing. FilmConvert supports a range of hosts from Adobe After Effects and Premiere, OFX, Avid, and Final Cut Pro.

In the review, Brady gives some information on the latest release of the plugin, also known as Nitrate:

Recently,  FilmConvert expanded its lineup with the introduction of Nitrate, a film emulation plugin that can take Log-based video and transform it into full color corrected media with a natural grain similar to that of commonly loved film stocks. Currently, Nitrate works with Premiere and After Effects, with an OFX version for Resolve. A plugin for FCPX is coming in March.

He also explains how the plugin works and gives some examples of tests he did with the software.

In the end, FilmConvert’s Nitrate will elevate your footage. The grain looks smooth and natural, the colors in the film emulation add a modern take on nostalgic color corrections (that don’t look too cheesy) and most cameras are supported via downloads. If you don’t have a large budget for a color grading session you should be throwing $139 at FilmConvert for its Nitrate plugin.

There’s much more to learn so be sure to read Brady’s full review: Review: FilmConvert Nitrate for film stock emulation

FilmConvert NitrateFilmConvert Nitrate

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki