Review: Hit’n’Mix Infinity by Dave Gale, MusicTech

Review: Hit’n’Mix Infinity by Dave Gale

Dave Gale reviews Hit’n’Mix Infinity, a “new audio-mangling package from London’s Hit’n’Mix opens up infinite – and infinitely inspiring – editing possibilities.”

To point out, Infinity is on sale for Black Friday through December 20, too! Details are on the product page. With this in mind, there’s a free trial available, also on the product page.

Back to the review. Dave starts by covering the GUI of Infinity. He talks about editing and the Audioshop Toolbox. He talks about who would benefit from Infinity, including anyone who works in music or audio. In addition, he touches on a lot of great features in Infinity and how easy it is to use.

Infinity is truly an innovative product and should appeal to anyone looking for easy and effective ways to manipulate audio with incredibly realistic cohesion.

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Hit'n'Mix InfinityHit'n'Mix Infinity

Remix. Repair. Redesign. True Source Separation

Work with the actual notes, harmonics and percussive sounds that audio is constructed from. No difficult edits on waveforms and frequency spectrums.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki