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hitfilm all-in-one nle review

FXHome HitFilm has made great strides to become a single application solution, but does it really have all the capabilities an editor needs? No Film School puts Hitfilm to the all-in-one test, in this review.

Is HitFilm Pro 12 Ready to Be an All-in-One NLE?

Here’s an excerpt from the No Film School review:

Though I found the editor to be slow and somewhat unintuitive coming from a professional editing background using other NLEs, there were a few features I noticed that are fantastic and I haven’t seen before. For example, when selecting a clip to move on the timeline, red guidelines appear to show exactly the amount of space the clip will take up on a track before it is placed. This can be incredibly useful when navigating clips to other tracks in a busy timeline, or when moving audio and video separately and ensuring they’re kept in sync. Additionally, the viewer window shows timecode for exactly where in the timeline I’m moving my clip.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha