Review: iZotope’s Dialogue Match is “almost like magic”

iZotope's Dialogue Match

of Red Shark News reviews iZotope’s Dialogue Match. And, yes, he calls it “almost like magic”. The tagline for the review explains it all, “Matching different sound sources and microphones used to be difficult. Until now.”

Below, a quote from his review:

In my setups, the Reverb module was a crucial one in making clips match. With Dialogue Match heavily relying on the input of Michael Carnes, the Exponential Audio founder (iZotope acquired Exponential Audio in 2019, as you may recall), the results are at the very top of what is possible in this area of sound editing. And yes, I can imagine that it reduces time spent on ADR exponentially, as iZotope claims, certainly as global snapshots and reference profiles can be saved and loaded.

iZotope’s Dialogue Match Review

iZotope Dialogue MatchiZotope Dialogue Match

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki