Review: KeenTools for Nuke, FumeFX 5.0, V-Ray Next, ZBrush

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This is an older review from Todd Sheridan Perry at Animation Magazine, but a good one! Todd reviews the heavy hitters, KeenTools for Nuke, FumeFX 5.0, V-Ray Next, and Pixologic ZBrush.

KeenTools Review

Todd goes over all of the plugins, including GeoTracker, FaceTracker, FaceBuilder, PinTool, and one of the newest tools, ReadRiggedGeo.

Below, an excerpt from Todd’s review of KeenTools:

GeoTracker and FaceTracker work with the same fundamental foundation, with the difference being that once you place your object à la PinTool, then Keen will attempt to analyze the pixel data to track your object to what you’ve aligned it to, allowing you to make further refinements along the way. GeoTracker is designed to work with rigid objects, while FaceTracker can be used to track changing human facial expression. FaceTracker uses FaceBuilder (mentioned next) to first establish the geo that matches the character’s head, and then tracks deformation to match to the performance.

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FumeFX 5.0 Review

Todd goes over some of the new features in FumeFX 5.0.

So, the GPU Viewport Display: It’s incredibly helpful — dare I say, vital — to be able to see what is happening with your simulation. I mean, how do you know if something isn’t working? Do you want to wait for a 400 frame simulation to find out that it broke on frame 20? Before, we had our little render viewport, and we had a pixel-y representation in the 3ds Max viewport that kind of gave you a hint of what the simulation was doing. But in FumeFX 5, the results are soft and smooth, and working in the 3D scene. You are getting volume shadows.

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V-Ray Next Review

He starts the V-Ray Next review with:

Holy cats! The new gen V-Ray has arrived. Its been out for less than a month and it’s already changed my workflow!

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He also reviews Pixologic ZBrush 2018.1 and a product called RealityCapture. There’s a lot covered here!


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