Review: Krotos Audio Igniter Review on Avid Blogs

krotos Audio igniter

Linda Jarvis at Avid Blogs reviews Krotos Audio Igniter. Her review is titled Krotos Igniter: the New Industry-standard Vehicle and Engine Sound Design Solution. Here’s a quick excerpt.

Not only has Igniter changed the vehicle sound design game but the plugin’s huge range of features – such as the One-Shot and Loop systems – means that it is also able to lend itself incredibly well to functionalities beyond vehicles and engines. It’s an exciting tool to experiment and work within a performable and dynamic way – it’s been great hearing how our users are working with Igniter in ways that we hadn’t even discovered ourselves.

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Below, watch the intro video for Igniter, to give you a better idea of what it does.

Krotos Audio IgniterKrotos Audio Igniter

Complex Vehicle Sound Design. Simplified.

Igniter is the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle and engine sound effects with ease. Whether you work in audio post or game audio, Igniter enables you to design, perform and automate any complex vehicle behavior directly in your DAW – from sports cars, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, spacecraft, and other engine sounds to moving ambiances, textures, Foley or whatever sparks your imagination.

Krotos Audio Igniter Krotos Audio Igniter Full Tank



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Posted by Michele Yamazaki