Review: Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7, Production Expert Review

Hit'n'mix infinity production expert review

Michael Costa from Production Expert gives a tour of Hit’n’Mix Infinity. He goes through the process of “ripping” a track and gives a quick walk-through of the interface. Then, he explains how to adjust the pitch in a single note in the vocals. In fact, he really gives the singer a falsetto! He switches over to Avid Pro Tools and uses the “Edit in Infinity” button to bring the content into Hit’n’Mix Infinity. It’s a short video but it covers a lot.

Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7 – Atomic Remix And Repair Audio Editor from Production Expert

Hit'n'Mix Infinity Production Expert reviewHit’n’Mix Infinity

Atomic Audio Editing

Work with the actual notes, harmonics, and percussive sounds that audio is constructed from. No difficult edits on waveforms and frequency spectrums.

With Infinity, the possibilities are endless.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki