Review: Red Giant Plural Eyes

red giant plural eyes review

Dr. David Smith with Film, Video and Virtual Reality online magazine takes a look at Red Giant Plural Eyes and finds it’s speed in syncing video and audio from multi-camera shoots to be “almost magic.” Plus he gives a really nice walkthrough on the use of Plural Eyes for VEGAS.

Red Giant Plural Eyes Review


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red giant plural eyesRed Giant Plural Eyes

PluralEyes takes the pain out of syncing video and audio!

PluralEyes scrutinizes the soundtrack from your video footage or camera files and matches them up flawlessly, in nothing flat. Instantaneously sync your audio and video footage even if you don’t have clapboards or timecode. No more tedious syncing by hand!

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Plural Eyes is also part of the Red Giant Shooter Suite.


Posted by Kim Sternisha