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Review: sonible smart:comp 2 from MusicTech

sonible smart:comp review from MusicTech

Alex Holmes at MusicTech’s review titled sonible smart:comp 2 review: A flexible spectro-dynamic compressor with AI and new added features. What a long title, but a fantastic review that covers a lot of ground. And, he gave sonible smart:comp 2 a MusicTech 10/10. Bold!

We’re seriously impressed with the functionality and the results of smart:comp 2. It can sound pristine or aggressive, is highly flexible and configurable, and has best-in-class visual representation of how the compressor is working. The AI tends to lean towards low thresholds and ratios, but these can be quickly fine tuned to fit your needs using the highly intuitive controls.

Alex Holmes, Music Tech

He has a LOT more to say about the features so be sure to check out the whole review if you’re in the market for some solid audio plugins. Also, save on sonible smart:comp 2 for a limited time!

Sonible smart:comp

Sonible smart:comp

The spectro-dynamic compressor

smart:comp finds the parameters for well-balanced compression results in just a few seconds and ensures unparalleled transparency through frequency-selective processing.

smart:comp is an invaluable assistant – whether you’re a mastering/mixing professional or an aspiring talent.

• Tonal and dynamic balance with spectral compression
• Intelligent parametrization with a single click
• Sidechain mode with frequency-dependent ducking

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Sonible smart:bundle

Sonible smart:bundle

Get yourself four smart assistants for your studio

The Sonible smart:bundle includes smart:EQ 3, smart:comp, smart:reverb, and smart:limit. Save 30% when buying the four plug-ins in a bundle.

Speed up your workflow and give your audio tracks maximum transparency with the content-aware limiter smart:limit, the source-adaptive reverb smart:reverb, the intelligent equalizer smart:EQ 3 and the spectro-dynamic compressor smart:comp. All of them deliver results within just a few seconds.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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