Review: Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 w/ NX Head Tracker Test

waves abby road nx headtracker review

Sound designer Ave Mcree posted a video on Youtube in which he tested the New Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 with NX Head Tracker.  He found it to be “promising.”  Watch the video to learn more.

About this video, Ave Mccree states, “An impressions and testing video about Waves Audio Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin. It’s a plugin based off their NX Head Tracker Technology. It’s works without the head tracker but you need the right headphones. Which brings me to one of my biggest disappointment. The Beyer Dynamic DT-770’s aren’t included in the list of studio headphones! However, I was able to test it with the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro’s. You can hear the acoustics change in real time (especially with the NX Head Tracker)! It will definitely take some ‘getting use to the tech’ but it’s promising!

Abbey Road Studio 3 + Nx Head Tracker

The Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin brings the control room of Abbey Road Studio 3 to your headphones.

Produce and mix reliably wherever you are. Head tracking by the Nx Head Tracker enhances the plugin’s immersive realism.

Use Abbey Road Studio 3, complete with head tracking, to get a reliable representation of how your headphone mixes and productions will sound on speakers. Whether you are away from your acoustically treated mix room, or simply don’t have one, you can now mix on headphones and consistently predict how your mixes will sound on other systems.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha