Review: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive for Adobe Premiere

Review: Digital Anarchy Transcriptive for Adobe Premiere

Brady Betzel from PostPerspective took a deep look at Transcriptive for Adobe Premiere Pro and found that although it has a few limitations (updates are coming), if you have a lot of interviews or clips that need to be transcribed, Transcriptive is definitely worth taking a look at.

What is Transcriptive?

Transcriptive 1.0 is the new way of automatically transcribing your video within Premiere Pro! It's a Premiere panel that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to turn all the speech in your video into text. You can use this for transcriptions, captions, subtitles and for searching your video. It's never been easier to find where something was spoken in your hours of footage.

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Here's an excerpt from Brady Betzel's review:

All in all, there are only a few options when working with transcriptions inside of Premiere. Transcriptive did a good job at what it did: uploading my file to one of the transcription services, acquiring the transcript and aligning the clip to the timecoded transcript with identifying markers for speakers that can be changed if needed. Once the Power Search gets ironed out and put into a proper release, Transcriptive will get even closer to being the transcription powerhouse you need for Premiere editing.

If you work with tons of interviews or just want clips transcribed for easy search you should definitely download Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive demo and give it a whirl.

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About Brady Betzel
Brady Betzel is an Emmy-nominated online editor at Margarita Mix in Hollywood, working on Life Below Zero and Cutthroat Kitchen.

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