Review: Filmlight Baselight for Avid

Review: Filmlight Baselight for Avid

Lily Kleinman with No Film School, used Baselight Editions V5 for Avid Media Composer, to help with color grading on a final episode in a television series, and found it to be a “powerful color tool in an AVX plugin.”

Here's an excerpt from the article “Stay Within Avid for Color with New Baselight Plugin”:

Overall, we found the Baselight interface easy to use and easily customizable. In my opinion, it’s not as sleek and beautiful as other color tools, but it gets the job done without having to do a roundtrip and it's better than Avid’s native color tool. I’m not sure I would use it for final color, but it was extremely useful for temp color passes for test screenings and for quick turnarounds where the option to stay in Media Composer greatly simplified our workflow.

-Lily Kleinman, No Film School

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filmlight baselight editions avid plug-inFilmLight Baselight Editions

Baselight Editions provide the same core toolset as the full Baselight systems, with the same graphical user interface but as a software-only package which can be incorporated into an existing NLE or VFX workstation. This approach delivers FilmLight's high quality grading tools and Truelight colour management directly into your workstation, and as the Editions share the same data structures as the full Baselight systems, projects can be seamlessly transferred and shared between users and facilities.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha