Review: Iray for 3ds Max

Review: Iray for 3ds Max

Jason Lewis, over at CG Channel.com, benchmarks the new, more powerful plugin version of Nvidia’s GPU-based renderer with a range of real-world graphics cards.

NVIDIA Iray for 3ds MAX – Unleash the full power of Iray's interactivity and scalability with an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow that maximizes productivity by providing immediate visual feedback during scene development. Plus easily create or modify physical based lights and materials using a layered material model, the NVIDIA vMaterials Library is supported as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL compatible applications.

Although I wouldn’t consider myself an expert with Iray for 3ds Max, I have spent several months putting the software through its paces, and so far, I like it. It does what Nvidia claims it does: achieve photorealistic results with a minimal amount of tweaking. It’s easy to use, produces very good results, and is quite fast for a progressive path tracer – at least, providing you have a pretty hefty GPU…

…In the current war for domination among plugin renderers, I think Iray for 3ds Max can carve out a niche for itself if Nvidia markets it properly. However, it faces stiff competition from other products – notably industry veteran V-Ray and relative newcomer Corona – so it will be interesting to see where Nvidia takes the application over time.
– Jason Lewis

Read the full review here: http://www.cgchannel.com/2016/07/review-iray-for-3ds-max/

Learn more about NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max here

Posted by Kim Sternisha