Review: Krotos Reformer Pro for Customizing Sounds

Review: Krotos Reformer Pro for Customizing Sounds

Robin Shore, an audio engineer at NYC’s Silver Sound Studios, wrote a review at PostPerspective on Krotos Reformer Pro, a tool that allows you to creatively modify sound libraries. According to their manual, “Reformer Pro uses an input to control and select segments of prerecorded audio automatically, and recompiles them in real-time, based on the characteristics of the incoming signal.” It’s a lot of fun and useful to anyone who dabbles in sound design for film or television.

From the review:

Reformer Pro adds a sense liveliness, creativity and most importantly fun to the often tedious task of syncing sound effects to picture. It’s also a great way to breath new life into an old sound effects collection. Anyone who spends their days working with sound effects would be doing themselves a disservice by not taking Reformer Pro for a test drive, I imagine most will be both impressed and excited by it’s novel approach to sound effects editing and design.

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Krotos Reformer ProKrotos Reformer Pro

Transform Your Input. Perform Your Sound Design
Reformer Pro allows sound designers, producers, musicians, and performers to design, automate and perform any sound in real-time, like never before.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki