Review: Mocha Pro 2019 at Provideo Coalition

Review: Mocha Pro 2019 at Provideo Coalition

Kevin P. McAuliffe the newest release of Mocha Pro from Boris FX. He gives some fantastic information on the roto tool.

Here's a small excerpt from the review:

Mocha Pro is the, hands down, best motion tracking application/plug-in available on the market today, and to be honest, it’s very hard to find anything wrong with Mocha Pro 2019. Rock solid tracking, powerful Roto Tools, and a bunch of different modules to solve common tracking and camera problems. The biggest thing holding it back from being in the hands of experienced and new users alike, was the fact that I think a lot of editors (specifically), were a little intimidated getting in and working with it, as it seemed very daunting when first jumping into the interface. Boris FX’s streamlining of the interface with the Workspaces feature eliminates that, and gets everyone up to speed as soon as possible, and the inclusion of the GPU accelerated Remove module, and and Freehand and Magnetic Spline tools is something that seasoned Mocha veterans will add to their workflows almost immediately.

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Mocha ProBoris Mocha Pro

Powerful and fast plug-in version of the award-winning motion tracking software driven by the mocha Planar Tracking Engine

Mocha pro has the ability to track even the toughest and most problematic shots, even following objects that go off screen, become obscured by another object, or lose focus, because it tracks “pixel patterns”, not points. Available as a Standalone or Plug-in.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki