Review: RenderGarden accelerates After Effects renders

Review: RenderGarden accelerates After Effects renders

Mark Christiansen, VES member, LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com) trainer, and author of several After Effects books, reviews RenderGarden. With his background, he absolutely knows the intricate ins-and-outs of After Effects. In this review, he explains a bit about how RenderGarden works and gives his thoughts on the tool. To sum it up, “Sometimes a hack can be your best friend”.

He starts his review with:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: After Effects renders are slow. Complex shots progress sluggishly, so you open up Activity Monitor or Task Manager (ya nerd) and stare at CPU levels flying at half-mast. It makes the days longer and the deadlines tighter, and you just know there has to be another option.

Well, you know he's about to tell you about the other option!

RenderGarden isn’t a feature that Adobe itself would ever ship with After Effects. This toolset cleverly fills a need with a very low commitment of resources. It should appeal to anyone with ample motion graphics work and underutilized processing power. It can easily cut render times in half, or better. A one-week trial allows you to evaluate and justify the $99 investment for your own studio.

Read Mark's Full Review at ProVideo Coalition

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki