Review: Telestream Switch – ProVideo Coalition

Review: Telestream Switch – ProVideo Coalition

Kevin P. McAuliffe from ProVideo Coalition reviews Telestream’s Switch as a potential replacement for Apple’s Quicktime.

Here's an excerpt from Kevin's article:

…it’s great that we can finally remove QuickTime from our systems, and work with codecs like ProRes natively, but what about outside of our applications.  What do we do in situations where we need to QC a ProRes file to check it when we export it to send to a client, or check the Closed Captioning on a file, or check the LKFS Loudness?  That’s where Telestream Switch comes into play…

With the death of QuickTime, Telestream’s Switch is poised to rise from the ashes and take QuickTime’s place as your main application for all your file quality control, and viewing needs.  If you do any type of work that requires you to be monitoring things like audio levels, loudness, or need to compare before and after files, definitely consider Switch Pro.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha