Review: The 10 Best Audio Delay Plugins on the Market

Review: The 10 Best Audio Delay Plugins on the Market

Writer, producer, and engineer, Jacob Roach runs down a list of his top 10 favorite audio delay plug-ins, on SonicScoop.

Delay is an often underutilized tool in the audio engineer’s workstation. Sure, many of us may throw it on a vocal or maybe a guitar to add a little depth to the mix, but taking delay far beyond this often pays off in the end.

Today, we’re going to run down a top 10 list of what have become my favorite delays, divided into 5 different categories. Here’s how it’s going to go down: In each of these 5 categories, I’ll share my winner and a runner up.

-Jacob Roach

Jacob Roach is a writer, producer, and engineer from St. Louis, Missouri.

For in in depth look as to why he chose each of the Delays, READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

10 Top Dest Delay Plug-ins

For those of you, like me, that have a short attention span, or just want to know if your favorite is among those selected, here is the shortened list:

Category 1: The Best Workhorse Delays

Category 2: The Most Versatile Delays

Category 3: The Best Dirty Delays

  • Winner: Softube Tube Delay
  • Runner Up: UAD Galaxy Tape Echo

Category 4: The Best Multi-Tap Delays

  • Winner: PSP 608
  • Runner Up: Cargo Cult Slapper

Category 5: The Best “Miscellaneous” Delays

Honorable mentions include the Waves H-Delay, Brainworx bx_2500, Native Instruments Replika XT, UVI Relayer, and UAD EP-34.

Posted by Kim Sternisha