Reviews: iZotope Ozone 9 and Ozone 9 Advanced

Review Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced and Ozone 9

We have two reviews today: one for Ozone 9 Advanced and one for Ozone 9. The first is from MusicRadar. The second is from MusicTech.

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iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced review by MusicRadar

The review was written by MusicRadar author Computer Music

Their verdict:

Almost worth the upgrade fee for Master Rebalance alone, Ozone 9 Advanced easily retains its crown as the ultimate all-in-one ITB mastering solution

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Review: iZotope Ozone 9 by MusicTech

Alex Holmes review Ozone 9. He carefully goes through all of the modules in Ozone 9. Also, he talks about previous releases to compare them. He explains:

If you’re new to Ozone, and looking for some mastering software, then this really is the most complete, tailored package available. The Advanced version may seem expensive to some, but when you consider how many effects and tools you’re getting, including the new modules, the Vintage effects, the additional Tonal Balance plug-in and also the built-in Codec preview and referencing tools, then it’s a worthwhile package.

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iZotope Ozone AdvancediZotope Ozone & Ozone Advanced

iZotope Mix & Master Sale Ends March 31, 2020

The Future of Mastering
Building on a 17 year legacy, Ozone 9 brings balance to your music with the latest advances in machine learning for mastering audio.
AI powered mastering
Master Assistant can add modern or vintage vibes and help you get the right loudness for streaming

Match to your reference
The new Match EQ module can give you a custom EQ curve taken from your favorite reference tracks.

Find your (tonal) balance
Tonal Balance Control helps keep frequencies in line, letting you talk to iZotope plug-ins to fix issues accross your session.

Ozone 9 Advanced Ozone 9

Ozone is also available in these bundles

Music Production Suite Tonal Balance Bundle O8N2 Bundle

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