Sale: Audified ToneSpot Pro Sale – $69 Singles & $199 Bundle – Ends September 4, 2022

Audified Tonespot Pro Sale

Audified is now offering ToneSpot Pro plug-in singles and the Pro bundle at a special savings now through September 4th, 2022, during the ToneSpot Pro Sale!  ToneSpot Voice Pro, ToneSpot Drum Pro, ToneSpot Acoustic Pro, ToneSpot Bass Pro, ToneSpot Electric Pro, are now only $69 each.  And the ToneSpot Pro Bundle, which includes all 5 ToneSpot Pro plug-ins, is only $199!

Audified ToneSpot Pro Sale

Audified ToneSpot Pro BundleAudified ToneSpot Pro Bundle

Take your mixing to a whole new level

ToneSpot Pro Bundle consists of five all-in-one mixing plug-ins, each of them created to represent the whole processing chain needed for mixing a particular instrument. Every ToneSpot Pro features up to 10 complex and powerful modules, fine-tuned for each instrument type With this series, you literally won't need anything else to mix any contemporary track.


Bundle includes ToneSpot Voice Pro, ToneSpot Drum Pro, ToneSpot Acoustic Pro, ToneSpot Bass Pro and ToneSpot Electric Pro.

MSRP: $495.00 SALE: $199.00

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Audified ToneSpot Voice ProAudified ToneSpot Voice Pro

Best vocal mix spotted easily

ToneSpot Voice Pro is the newest member of the series. It is capable of mixing everything voice-related from a lush singing up to a heavy screaming and anything in between. It is great for mixing a spoken word too. Its exclusive feature is definitely the DeEssAir module. It gets rid of unwanted sibilance in your voice and adds some air back at the same time. Everything with unprecedented musical sensitivity.


MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.00

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Audified ToneSpot Acoustic ProAudified ToneSpot Acoustic Pro

Best tone of string instruments spotted easily

ToneSpot Acoustic Pro is without a doubt one of the most variable plug-ins from the series. Its primary focus is stringed acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitar, piano, violin, cello, banjo, or mandolin. But you can use it to mix virtually every acoustic instrument there is. It includes also a great effects library with various types of Reverb, Delay, Modulation, and Tremolo.


MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.00

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Audified ToneSpot Drum ProAudified ToneSpot Drum Pro

Best drum tone spotted easily

Mixing drums is a whole art in itself. Drums are complicated instruments with many parts and their mix needs to be done right. ToneSpot Drum Pro was created with this in mind. It features every tool needed for mixing drums on the world-class level. Start by setting the Drum Type section to the particular subject you mix (Kick, Snare, Toms, Overheads, Room, or a Drum Bus) and the whole plug-in reprograms itself to the desired values. Also, its Gate can be used in parallel.

MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.00

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Audified ToneSpot Bass ProAudified ToneSpot Bass Pro

Best bass tone spotted easily

Bass is one of the most important parts of a mix. It glues everything together and it can make people move. ToneSpot Bass Pro can mix bass sounds no matter the genre. Ranging from classic rock or jazz to the heaviest dubstep or extreme metal, this plug-in will sort you out. Among many other features, it includes an SBG (Sub Bass Generator), Octaver, and Auto-Wah, too.


MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.00

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Audified ToneSpot Electric ProAudified ToneSpot Electric Pro

Best electric guitar tone spotted easily

At Audified, we love electric guitars. And chances are, you do too. ToneSpot Electric Pro is tailored to mix them in style. One of its main features is the Voicing module. It works as a primary pre-set EQ that focuses your sound in a certain direction. These voicings are based on widely used electric guitar processing moves, and you can tweak them further via the Shaping module. Of course, there is also a great effect section.


MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.00

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