Sale Ending: Audio Design Desk – 30% Off – Ends Today, July 28, 2022

audio design desk summer sale

Dont miss this rare opportunity to save 30% on Audio Design Desk, the Audio Solution for Video Editors.  Whether you are designing a promo, a post or a feature film, with Audio Design Desk, you will work faster than you ever thought possible.  Academic options are now available and also on sale.  Sale ends Today, July 28, 2022.

Audio Design DeskAudio Design Desk

Sound Design Reimagined - Comes with 50,000+ Sounds and Music Cues!

With Audio Design Desk, you can create music for your videos at the speed of thought using trigger pads and our Music Construction Kits. Whether you’re scoring a scene or writing a hip hop masterpiece, Audio Design Desk has the goods to get you started—and the ease of use to keep you in the flow.

For Video Editors

Imagine working 10x faster. In a fluid flow, building soundscapes to entire scenes, in seconds. You can reclaim days of work time every week!

  • 50,000+ royalty-free sound and music cues in Final Cut, Premiere, and Avid.
  • Links directly to Final Cut Pro X using our ADD Audio Bridge extension.
  • Import your own sounds using our automated import tools.
  • Create foley and design in real-time using your QWERTY keyboard.

For Sound Designers

Audio Design Desk comes with over 50,000 royalty-free sounds, including over 5000 music cues and 7,500 hits, rises, transitions and drones from one of the sound designers of Spider-Man, World War Z and Rogue One.

  • Import and tag your own sounds using our automated import tools.
  • Perform your sounds in real-time using your QWERTY keyboard.
  • Replace sounds with instant alternates without ever losing sync.

For Musicians

Making music has never felt like this before. Introducing an entirely new, yet very familiar, way to create and discover.

  • Replace instruments with a keystroke and never lose sync.
  • Remix an entire arrangement with your sounds or ours in seconds, not hours.
  • Effortlessly sync to any DAW including Logic Pro, Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, and Reaper to add sound design, sound effects, music elements and textures 10x faster.

For Creators

Your work matters and there’s never enough time. Most professional tools are complicated, manual and expensive. Now, there’s Audio Design Desk, a next-generation DAW built by creators, for creators.

  • Use our expansive royalty-free library of sounds and music inside of Audio Design Desk or your video editor.
  • Create music, score scenes or add transitions and effects, all with your QWERTY keyboard.
  • Swap sounds with alternates to hone your composition or to inspire new ideas.

For Podcasters

Audio Design Desk comes with over 50,000 royalty-free sounds, including 5,000 music cues, 7,500 hits, rises, transitions, and textural elements from top Hollywood composers.

  • DAWSync: Effortlessly sync Audio Design Desk to your DAW to add sound design, sound effects, and music 10x faster.
  • LoopDNA: Audio Design Desk knows your loops from Splice or LoopCloud—so replacing, time stretching, and mixing and matching is immediate.
  • Audio Recording and Editing Tools: Record and edit directly into Audio Design Desk. It’s the only tool you need.


Pro License: Only $419.30
Personal License: Only $209.30

Learn MoreTry Audio Design Desk for free!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha