Sale: BOOM Library Goes 10 – 10% Off Sale – Ends Today, July 17, 2020

boom library birthday sale 10% off

BOOM Library has turned 10!  And to celebrate, they are offering 10% Off ALL BOOM Library products including bundles.  Hurry, the sale ends today, July 17, 2020.

BOOM Goes 10 Birthday Sale!

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Here’s a sample of what is on sale:


Risers, build-ups, drops, breaks, downlifters, swells, sweeps, falls – it has never been so easy to hype your audience. Forget samples, just turn the knob or let liftFX even do that for you, automatically, in beat sync at the length you need it to be.

MSRP: $89.00  SALE: $80.10

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Cinematic Metal – Titan Bundle (Designed + Construction Kit)

CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN pushes big screen sound design beyond its comfort zone. New and unheard HITS, BRAAMS, BOOMS, IMPACTS, STINGERS and much more await you in the comprehensive Construction Kit and devastating Designed edition. Get over 12GB worth of clean, dazzling sound effects – available as individual components as well as layered, processed and ready to use.


MSRP: $225.00  SALE: $202.50

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Creature Foley Construction Kit

CREATURE FOLEY is the ultimate toolkit for all sound design tasks featuring impactful, wide-range, engaging and detailed movement. It offers an almost inexhaustible pool of actions, sizes, characteristics, materials and variations that will have you build and design complex scenes with ease. Containing over 19,000 sounds in total at a staggering 16 GB of content, this library is the biggest CREATURE FOLEY sound collection ever created.

MSRP: $169.00  SALE: $152.10

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ReCenter automatically repairs off-center stereo recordings while keeping the original stereo width which makes it an invaluable time-saver and a perfect tool for professional post-production. Fix off-centered stereo field recordings, dynamically center vocal artists or musicians that moved around the stage or center hard directional effects like drive-bys and stereo whooshes. ReCenter makes tedious panning automation obsolete so you can focus on your creative flow.

MSRP: $79.00  SALE: $71.10

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The Complete BOOM Ultimate

This is the ultimate collection for professional and high quality sound design. All 56 original BOOM Library packs guarantee you the right sound at the right time for professional post-production, trailers, games, movies, TV shows and anything else that needs a striking sound design.

MSRP: $5,659.00  SALE: $5,093.10

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Sale ends today, July 17, 2020.


Posted by Kim Sternisha