Sale: DJ Swivel The Sauce – Only $99 thru February 7, 2020

dj swivel the sauce

Now through February 7, 2020 you can save 50% on the dramatic vocal manipulation tool The Sauce.  Get it for only $99 and add some flavor to your vocals, beats, synths and other instruments.

The Sauce

DJ Swivel The Sauce – Only $99! Sale ends February 7, 2020

The Sauce is DJ Swivel’s first premiere creative tool for dramatic vocal manipulation. Get a wide-range of vocal transformation with varying degrees of heat, and packed with flavor! The sauce brings you all the essential ingredients you need to creatively transform your vocals in one simple plugin.

Powerful Multi-band Vocal Processor from Grammy Award Winning Producer and Mixing Engineer DJ Swivel.

The Sauce enables users to quickly add flavor to vocals, beats, synths and other instruments as well as to create the much sought after vocal chop effects heard in many of today’s modern hits. The Sauce is comprised of 8 sections. Each section covers specific effects that would otherwise be implemented as 8 individual plug-ins. The Sauce provides the flexibility of a full creative effects chain in just one simple to use plug-in with everything laid out on one screen.

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MSRP: $199.00  SALE: $99.00

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Posted by Kim Sternisha