Sale Ending: Hit ‘n’ Mix Infinity Sale – 20% Off thru July 31, 2020

hit'n'mix infinity

This month, you can save 20% on Hit ‘n’ Mix Infinity, the atomic audio editing tool with true source separation, now through July 31, 2020. It’s your last chance to score on this great deal!

infinityHit ‘n’ Mix Infinity

Remix, Repair & Redesign audio files, plus edit audio in a video (macOS only). All within one piece of software! No need for multiple editors.

Easily edit audio as notes, harmonics & unpitched sound, using high-quality, polyphonic source separation. The only true source separation, unmixing tracks down to the core components of audio – notes, harmonics, frequency, phase & amplitude! Avoid complex and time-consuming waveform/spectral editing & rendering.

Quickly replace instruments or any sound, plus repitch & clone within both audio & MIDI tracks. Experience a new & unique approach to editing audio with an efficient, layers-based workflow! No need to create & edit within multiple formats.

View audio files as beautifully presented, polyphonic, color-coded notes. And modify using a variety of integrated Audioshop® tools! A powerful and original approach to separating, manipulating, and recreating audio.

Create their own effects & interactive tools. With unprecedented access to the core components of sound! Customize Hit’n’Mix Infinity the way they want.

MSRP: $349.00  SALE: $279.20

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Sale ends July 31, 2020.


Tutorial: Using Hit’n’Mix Infinity Audioshop Tools


Separate Single Note sources of MIXED Audio File & REMOVE NOISE

Youtube reviewer Mad Steex Production recently created this video covering how to use Hit’n’Mix Infinity 4.7’s Note Editor to quickly and easily clean-up background and foreground.

Posted by Kim Sternisha