Sale Ending: iZotope Neutron Elements – Only $29! Ends Today

izotope neutron elements only $29

Last chance to get Neutron Elements, iZotope’s innovative AI-powered audio assistant for only $29. Sale ends today, September 30, 2020.  Quickly and easily mix your vocals, instruments, and busses with EQ and compression that listens to your audio and makes suggestions. Neutron Elements includes four processing modules, Track Assistant, and dozens of unique presets.

Neutron Elements – Only $29

neutron elementsNeutron 3 is designed to bring your mix workflows into the 21st century. The completely new Neutron Elements includes 4 powerful tools for great mixes for less than the cost of a single plug-in.

It’s the easiest way to get your feet wet with all the tools Neutron has to offer, and add some serious power to your plug-in collection. It’s the easiest, most intelligent way to bring unrivaled quality and speed to your mix.

Neutron 3 packages the latest advances in audio and passes them on to you—so you can focus on your craft.

Neutron Elements Features

  • 4 modern tools for great mixes: Compressor, Exciter, Transient Shaper, and EQ—now with Soft Saturation mode.
  • Track Assistant listens to your audio and creates a custom preset for you based on what it hears.
  • EQ with intellect: EQ Learn auto-detects frequencies that need your attention.
  • Beautiful, smooth visualizations and a resizable interface invite you to step in and take control.

MSRP: $129.00  SALE: $29.00

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Sale ends today, September 30, 2020.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha