Sale Ending: iZotope Reverb Flash Sale – Up to 92% Off Exponential Audio Reverbs – Ends Today, May 13, 2021

izotope reverb sale

This is the last day to save up to 92% off NIMBUS, R2, R4 or get all three with the limited edition Reverb Pack for just $59, you’ll get tools to add personality and character to your music—without compromising clarity.!  Sale ends today, May 13, 2021.

iZotope Reverb Flash Sale

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Exponential Audio R2Exponential Audio R2

Classic character reverbs for music

R2 introduces a lush, colorful stereo reverb algorithm to Exponential Audio’s familiar design. Use the chorus and gate effects to color and shape your reverb signal to suit any music project. From swirling orchestral chambers to minimal, clean room reflections, R2 is your go-to plug-in for designing completely unique, musical spaces.

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Exponential Audio NIMBUSExponential Audio NIMBUS

Natural stereo reverbs with powerful control

NIMBUS elevates the signature Exponential Audio reverb engine with surgical controls and timbral effects. Authentic, classic tone meets advanced filter mechanics, compression, overdrive, tempo-syncing, and warp effects, so you’re sure to have the perfect reverb for your music.

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Exponential Audio R4Exponential Audio R4

Lush stereo reverbs with powerful control

R4 delivers the historic warmth of time-tested reverb hardware units with expanded creative control. Add personality and depth to your music with reverb designed to color your mixes without compromising clarity. For less traditional projects, use creative effects like Warp and Freeze to mangle your reflections beyond recognition and create twisted time effects to take your audience by surprise.

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Exponential Audio Reverb PackExponential Audio Reverb Pack

Exponential Audio Reverb Pack includes NIMBUS, R2 and R4.

MSRP: $697.00 SALE: $59.00

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Posted by Kim Sternisha