Sale: Mekajiki Rendergarden – 50% Off Through Years End

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The Mekajiki Black Friday sale has been extended through the end of the year.  So there’s more time to save 50% on Rendergarden and speed up your After Effects renders by 3x.  Sale ends December 31, 2019.


Rendergarden 50% Off! Sale ends December 31, 2019.

Increase your render speeds by 3 times on your computer and maximize your CPU cores when rendering across your network. RenderGarden is an absolute must-have script for After Effects users.

RenderGarden is an Adobe After Effects script that splits your comp into a specified number of segments (which we refer to as seeds) and then renders them to multiple background command line windows (which we call, Gardeners). Through segmenting the comp into multiple seeds, you can fully maximize your CPU cores on a single machine or across multiple machines with network rendering.


Increased Render Speeds

  • Render 2-3x faster with Hyper-threaded Rendering.
  • Maximize your Mac or PC’s CPU usage.
  • Render multiple frames simultaneously.
  • Render multiple comps in sequence or in parallel.

Network Rendering

  • Grid multiple computers together on your network.
  • Render QuickTime/AVI Movies or Image Sequences.
  • Hyper-threaded Rendering supported on each render node.
  • Easy to set up. No custom scripting or network config.
  • Unlimited Render Node licensing.

MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $49.50

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Posted by Kim Sternisha