Sale: Next Limit RealFlow 20th Anniversary Sale + 10.5 Release

next limit realflow 20th anniversary sale

RealFlow is turning 20, and to celebrate, Next Limit is offering a special bundle of RealFlow 10.5 and your favorite RealFlow plug-in at a reduced price.

RealFlow 20th Anniversary Bundle

RealFlow 10 + Your Favorite RealFlow Plug-in Only $1295.00

Choose your favorite plug-in:

  • RealFlow | Cinema 4D 3
  • RealFlow | Maya
  • RealFlow | 3ds Max

This bundle is only available for a limited time.  Get yours today.

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RealFlow is an industry-standard, out-of-the-box fluid simulation software. Fast and easy to use, it is compatible with ALL major 3D platforms. Simulate anything from a single drop of water to a massive tsunami.

RealFlow | Cinema 4D

RealFlow | Cinema 4D gives you the best in fluid simulation, directly inside Cinema 4D. Now you can achieve high-end simulations with an even easier workflow.

RealFlow | Maya

RealFlow | Maya gives you the best in fluid simulation and more, directly inside Autodesk Maya®. Now it is faster and easier to simulate granulars, viscous, viscoelastic, rigid, and elastic materials with an even easier and faster workflow. Achieve high-end GPU-accelerated simulations from inside the Maya® interface.

RealFlow | 3ds Max

RealFlow | 3ds Max brings the well-know RealFlow fluid simulation tools directly to Autodesk 3ds Max®. Stay in 3ds Max® to perform your liquid, granular, viscous and viscoelastic simulations.  RealFlow | 3ds Max is available for Autodesk 3ds Max® 2017, 2018 and 2019.

What’s new in RealFlow 10.5?

New Features

  • RF-4313 Daemons – New curvature-cohesion model added to surface tension daemon.
  • RF-4011 Macro daemon – A new daemon that allows for the creation of the fluid effect typically seen at Hi-speed macro photography.
  • RF-4314 Maxwell Integration – Maxwell 4 denoiser.


  • RF-4308 Camera – Possibility to set camera mode to Free in addition to the current Target mode.
  • RF-4307 Stitcher – Alembic Stitcher progress is now displayed and can be canceled.
  • RF-4306 Stitcher – Possibility to select files from Stitcher dialog list and remove them.
  • RF-4253 Built-in objects – Built-in cylinder and vase object cap UVs should be top projected like in most DCC platforms.
  • RF-4172 Built-in objects – Possibility to customize the level of detail of object primitives.
  • RF-4266 Maxwell Integration – Maxwell Render support has been upgraded to version

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Posted by Kim Sternisha