Sale: VisDOM Summer Sale – 30% Off VisCopy thru July 14, 2022

visdom viscopy 30% off

Right now, you can save 30% on VisDOM VisCopy, the Professional File Copy Tool for Windows.  Sale ends July 14, 2022.

VisDOM VisCopyVisDOM VisCopy

30% Off Summer Sale - Ends July 14th 2022

Professional File Copy Tool on PC

VisCopy offers different features for different kinds of memory card. For SONY SXS memory card, VisCopy supports HD Files Copy, 4K Files Copy, and All Files Copy; for Panasonic P2 and hard disks, VisCopy supports All Files Copy.

Multi-Path Backup
Support copying one source to four target disks or folders simultaneously to ensure data safety while improving work efficiency.

Various Copy Options and Copy Modes

Copy Status
Copy progress, prompt, and log file can be check in the status bar.

Allow user to configure general, disk, and copy settings in System Option interface according to actual need of DIT work.

MSRP: $99.00 SALE: $69.30

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Posted by Kim Sternisha