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Freebie: ShareTextures New Textures & More for your 3D Projects

ShareTextures catalog keeps growing, now featuring almost 1,400 free textures and 3D models for download! They’ve recently updated the website with all sorts of textures from fabrics, wood, asphalt, vinyl, and much more. Some are made for use with Substance Player too. These are entirely free and available under a CC0 license.

All of our content is copyright-free. It means, you can use them anywhere you want which includes commercial projects too.

If you are interested in supporting ShareTexture, they have a Patreon where you can get some extra goodies. Either way, take a look at the new

Looking for more textures? Check these out!

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Greyscalegorilla Plus vs. Greyscalegorilla for Teams

What’s the difference between Greyscalegorilla Plus and Greyscalegorilla for Teams?

We’ve broken it down for you in an easy-to-understand chart.

Greyscalegorilla for TeamsGreyscalegorilla for Teams

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Greyscalegorilla for Teams includes every Greyscalegorilla Cinema 4D plugin, material collection, asset library, and professional training series. An annual subscription includes all upgrades, support, maintenance, and render nodes. There are no hidden fees. Our Teams program is available to customers ordering 5 or more licenses.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki