New: Introducing Boris FX Silhouette 2021

Silhouette 2021

To summarize, Boris FX Silhouette 2021 includes a new plugin and major new features. Silhouette 2021 goes beyond traditional roto and cleanup as a professional node-based compositing system with 154 nodes designed for every finishing task.

  • New! Multi-host plugin now included — launch from AE, Nuke, and more.
  • New! Lens Correction node
  • New! Improved roto shape editing and keyframing tools
  • New! Review & approval notes
  • New! Improved user interface, movie file support with Gstreamer, and much more

Available as a standalone application or plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux. New improved subscription pricing makes Silhouette more affordable than ever.

Try Silhouette 2021 for free!

Roto Renders with Silhouette 2021 plugin in NUKE

Press Release: Boris FX Announces Silhouette 2021 — a Major Update with New Artist-Friendly Rotoscoping and Paint Tools and a Complete Node-Based Plugin

Boris FX Silhouette 2021: New Lens Correction node
Boris FX Silhouette 2021: New Lens Correction node

Paint and rotoscope artists can now access all of Boris FX Silhouette’s Academy and Emmy Award-winning tools as a plugin inside Nuke, After Effects, and other hosts.

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A — May 13, 2021 — Boris FX Silhouette is set to further cement its indelible mark on the world of film and television. The Academy and Emmy Award-winning advanced rotoscoping, non-destructive paint, and compositing toolset is now available as an affordable plugin to the post-production industry’s most popular host applications.

Artists who have previously relied on Silhouette as a standalone application on projects including Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and The Mandalorian can now access the same powerful tools directly inside Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Fusion and Resolve, Autodesk Flame, and VEGAS Pro.

Netflix Production Technology Alliance

The new 2021 release follows Silhouette’s recent acceptance as a participating product in the prestigious Netflix Production Technology Alliance.

“The role of paint and rotoscope artists has become increasingly important as production values soar. Invisible effects work is a major component on every film and TV project — think matte painting, wire removal, digital make-up, and more,” says Boris Yamnitsky, President and Founder, Boris FX. “The ability to use Silhouette as a plugin directly inside host applications like After Effects, Nuke, and Resolve will dramatically change how these artists work. It also further aligns the Boris FX product family (Sapphire, Continuum, Mocha Pro) together and streamlines post-production workflows as artists can easily jump in and out of any Boris FX product without leaving their project timelines. The result? Major time-savings and greater collaboration.”

“Our goal with Silhouette 2021 was to create next-level editing tools to handle the most difficult roto shots,” states Marco Paolini, Silhouette Product Designer. “Complex shape animations are easier than ever before with the new gestural brush reshape tool, point grouping, collapsing, and distribution. Many of the new tools and enhancements, too many to mention, are a result of artist feedback from around the world.”

“Silhouette has always been the go-to software for getting the hardest roto, tracking, and paint tasks done. When you are faced with a difficult deadline it’s nice to know you can rely on a solid set of tools to help knock out the task in front of you,” remarks James Pina, LAIKA, RotoPaint Lead Technical. “With the new user-suggested features, it just keeps getting better and better every year without compromising the original spirit of the software.”

Silhouette 2021 Highlights:

New! Multi-Host Plugin

All Silhouette features are now available when launched as a plugin. (The previous Silhouette Paint plugin was limited to paint-only functions.) Artists now have access to the entire node-based workflow for roto, paint, tracking, warping, keying, and compositing in their host application.

New! Affordable Subscription Options

Purchase an annual subscription to the Silhouette plugin for only $395/year or choose the Silhouette standalone application + plugin option for $695/year.

New! Lens Correction Node

The Lens Correction node can calibrate and correct lens distortion for advanced effects tasks or generate and export an ST Map for other host applications. The Lens Correction node is built on shared technology from Mocha Pro’s Lens Module.

New! Roto Editing Tools

Based on artist feature requests, new tools and functionality make Silhouette’s superior rotoscoping capability even stronger.

  • Brush Reshape: Uses a circular brush to automatically select and then move points when you click and drag them using the Magnetic Reshape behavior.
  • Point Collapse and Distribute: Collapses a selection of points into a very small area that can later be distributed between surrounding points. This is useful for shapes where the complexity changes over time.
  • Point Groups: Groups of points can be pre-defined and then quickly edited as a group in the Reshape and Transform tools.
  • Split Shapes: Similar to the Split Edit function in non-linear editing systems where a clip is split in two. Split Shapes is practical for shapes that transform from simple to complex and vice-versa.
  • Weighted MultiFrame: Using the new Fade In/Fade Out parameters, keyframe adjustments can be dynamically weighted over user-definable time periods to control the intensity of an adjustment over multiple keyframes.

New! Roto Review and Approval Improvements

Notes assigned to objects (shapes, layers, trackers) can now be displayed in the Viewer. The convenient review and approval tool lets artists easily see notes provided by their supervisors.

New! Paint Enhancements

Clone Source Masking and improved Color Picker.

New! Nodes and User Interface Improvements

  • Nodes: Alpha Composite, Dot, Notes, OCIO Colorspace/Display/LUT
  • Custom File Importer, Flyout Menus, Node Coloring, Node Alignment, OCIO Roles, Sapphire Node Tab
  • Trees window organization with Clean Up, Align, and Distribute

New! GStreamer Movie File Support

Versatile media handling library to read various codecs and footage containers.

New! Roto render workflow

No license required. See video above.

Pricing & Availability

Silhouette 2021 is available as a permanent license, annual or monthly subscription, and upgrade from previous versions. Plugin host applications include Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and Fusion, Autodesk Flame, and VEGAS Pro. Supports macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

Customers on current subscription or upgrade and support plans receive a free update to Silhouette 2021.

Silhouette 2021 (Standalone + Multi-host plugins)

Silhouette 2021 (Multi-host plugins)

About Boris FX

Founded in 1995, Boris FX is a leading developer of VFX, compositing, titling, video editing, and workflow tools for broadcast, post-production, and film professionals. Boris FX products have grown to serve over a million artists worldwide. The company’s success lies in its ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with Adobe, Apple, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Autodesk, Grass Valley, VEGAS Pro, and other leading developers of video editing software. In 2014, Boris FX acquired Imagineer Systems, the Academy Award-winning developer of Mocha planar tracking software. In 2016, Boris FX acquired GenArts, the developer of Sapphire, the gold standard plug-in package for high-end visual effects. Then, in 2019, Boris FX acquired Academy and Emmy Award-winning SilhouetteFX and Digital Film Tools for advanced feature film rotoscoping, painting, and effects.

Boris FX Silhouette Perpetual LicenseBoris FX Silhouette Perpetual License

Academy Award-Winning Paint, Roto & Compositing

Silhouette 2021, Perpetual License, is a best-in-class visual effects tool featuring the industry’s most robust non-destructive paint and rotoscoping workflow for feature film and television post-production. Now available as a standalone application and a fully-featured multi-host plugin.

Learn MoreTry Boris FX Silhouette Perpetual License for free!

Boris FX Silhouette - Annual SubscriptionBoris FX Silhouette - Annual Subscription

Academy Award-Winning Paint, Roto & Compositing

Silhouette 2021, Annual Subscription, is a best-in-class visual effects tool featuring the industry’s most robust non-destructive paint and rotoscoping workflow for feature film and television post-production. Now available as a standalone application and a fully-featured multi-host plugin.

Learn MoreTry Boris FX Silhouette - Annual Subscription for free!

Boris FX Silhouette Upgrade and Support PlanBoris FX Silhouette Upgrade and Support Plan

1 year of maintenance releases, major version upgrades and guaranteed response to reported issues within one business day

Designed to make upgrading and budgeting for Boris FX products more convenient, the Silhouette Upgrade and Support Plan is an annual program that ensures you have access to the latest available features, increased licensing flexibility, and the support you need. Each purchase of a new License or an Upgrade includes the 12-month Upgrade and Support Plan.

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