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Sneak Peek: Chaos Corona 10

corona 10 sneak peek

Get an early look at some new Chaos Corona 10 features (due out in 2023) with this sneak peak at Corona 10 for 3ds Max.  Note, it is still early in the development phase, so the UI, feature set, results, etc. may change.  Similar features will be added to the Cinema 4D version of Corona too.


Corona 10 daily builds for 3ds Max: (once there, scroll down in the thread for the newer builds)

Got a feature you’ve always wanted to see, or some suggestion for Corona development? Please post on the forums here:

3ds Max:
Cinema 4D:


Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona

Realism without the headaches.

Chaos® Corona delivers high-quality, physically-based shading for production rendering. Be an artist, not a technician, and achieve realism with greater ease than other rendering software. Corona is easy-to-use, affordable and the Premium tier includes the Chaos tools Phoenix, Scans and Player.

New in version 9: One license now covers both 3ds Max and Cinema 4D.

Corona also now comes in 2 tiers: Solo and Premium. Solo is for artists who want to render on a single computer. Premium is ideal for customers who want access to floating licenses so they can move from computer to computer, and also have access to Chaos® companion products such as Phoenix, Player, and Scans.

Learn MoreTry Chaos Corona for free!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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