Sneak peek: X-Particles 2020 Public Release

X-Particles 2020 Sneak Peek

Insydium has posted Sneak Peek of X-Particles 2020 videos, which will be ready in early July. Indeed, it looks impressive! New and updated features include xpExplosiaFX, xpFluidFLIP, xpFlowField, xpScatter, Intersections, xpOcean, xpPushApart, xpVertexMap, xpEmitter, Trail Display, xpFlock, xpBranch, and xpBlend.

In addition, this update will be accessible to everyone with an X-Particles license in its Maintenance Period. To clarify, scroll to the bottom of this page for information on the Maintenance options.

xpExplosiaFX: Sneak Peek X-Particles 2020

xpExplosiaFX has been updated with powerful new features and simulation settings. Add detail to low-resolution simulations with the new Upres feature. Increase voxel count, vorticity, and turbulence, without changing the original simulation behavior. The stunning OpenGL viewport display mode beautifully visualizes simulations. Fuel and smoke channels can be adjusted separately for color and opacity, and now choose from two fuel display modes for realistic or stylized fire. A new collision system brings highly accurate interaction between fluid and scene objects. Bend, twist, and wrap your xpExplosiaFX volumes; with Cinema 4D Deformer support, the complex art direction has never been simpler. Motion Gap fill makes light work of removing stepping from fast-moving emitter sources, and the new emitter tag options enable velocity transfer from scene objects and curl noise on particle emitters.

xpFluidFLIP: Sneak Peek X-Particles 2020

The xpDomain has been re-written from the ground up and is now the all-new, xpFluidFLIP Calculations are faster, simulations more realistic, and there is a choice of FLIP and APIC fluid solvers.


Take control of your particles’ flow with the new xpFlowField layering system. A brand new interface allows the blending of multiple flow types. Use object normals, spline direction, fields, and even ExplosiaFX velocities as flow types. Calculations are faster, meaning smoother viewport playback. New display modes, like Trail Display, help visualize flows.


xpScatter enables you to scatter objects on any scene geometry. You can use landscape slope, height, and curvature to create realistic eco-systems Animate growth by using textures, modifiers, and effectors. Use multiple display modes for fast viewport performance. You can even restrict the scatter of objects within the camera field of vision for optimal efficiency.


Avoid intersecting by using the new intersection detection settings. Available in xpNetwork, xpBranch, and xpAvoid modifiers. You can freeze, kill, or change particle direction on intersection detection. This feature allows you to create stunning networks, branches, and growth systems.


Create realistic water surfaces with the new generator xpOcean. Adjust the wave height, wind speed, and choppiness for full artist control. Create foam maps with height and dissipation controls. Set up a perfect loop using the Loop End Frame setting. Use xpOcean in deformer mode for use on any scene geometry. Featuring several displacement space options, including Surface mode, making xpOcean work alongside other deformers.


xpPushApart is a new motion modifier in X-Particles. Push particles apart based on distance or particle radius. Manipulate particles to remove intersections and create dynamic packing effects. In fact, you can use it with other modifiers like xpScale for stunning, dynamic growth systems.


With the newly updated xpVertexMap, now parametric objects and even generators can have custom animated vertex maps. Weight-painting effects include object polygons and vertices, particles, trails, and even xpExplosiaFX simulations. New effects include, for example, ambient occlusion and object curvature. Use blend modes to layer and mix multiple weight-painting effects in the all-new interface. Create color vertex maps for particle color-driven Wet Maps.


The xpEmitter has been updated with some amazing new features. Look development is more intuitive and workflow more efficient. The new emission simulates mode allows particle birth to happen without playing the timeline. Set up, adjust and tweak emitter settings, and watch your particles update in real-time. The new threshold slider for Vertex Map emission adds additional artistic control and subtlety. Workflow improvements include unified Modifiers and Questions tabs, for easier activation and deactivation – great for isolating and adjusting specific behaviors.

Trail Display

xpFlowField and ExplosiaFX have been updated with some powerful new display features. Visualize and render your customized velocity fields with the new Trail Display mode. To explain, adjust the trail length, transparency, and color gradient. Use Trail Display in all xpFlowField modes and also to visualize xpExplosiaFX simulations.


xpFlock is a new state of the art flocking system in X-Particles. Create schools of fish, swarms of insects, and flocks of birds with ease. Layer unique behaviors like alignment, chaos, and periphery, to direct your flock as desired. Introduce flock behaviors like orbit, pursuit, and flee, for interaction with scene objects and other particles. Set up friendly and enemy particle systems for intricate flocking dynamics.


The xpBranch modifier has been updated to help you create even more realistic and intricate branching systems and foliage. The new Curve bending mode creates smooth spiraling shoots and stems. Intuitive controls allow you to adjust the angle, tightening, and displacement of the curve, offering almost infinite variation. Create highly detailed ferns using the new Symmetry mode. Easily iterate through multiple looks using intuitive spline controls.


xpBlend is the new control modifier in X-Particles. Blend particle values with neighboring particles for truly unique effects. Create amazing paint-mixing results by blending the color value of fluid particles. You can blend particle radius values for organic growth effects. You can even blend physical particle properties like fuel, smoke, and fire. Fully compatible with data mapping and fields, xpBlend gives you full artistic control to animate particle properties uniquely and intuitively.

INSYDIUM X-Particles INSYDIUM X-Particles

A fully-featured advanced particle and VFX system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D

X-Particles is a fully-featured advanced particle and VFX system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Multithreaded, X-Particles utilizes all of your computer CPUs whenever possible for speed and efficiency. A unique rule system of Questions and Actions enables complete control over particle simulations.

Multithreaded, X-Particles utilizes all of your computer CPUs whenever possible for speed and efficiency. A unique rule system of Questions and Actions enables complete control over particle simulations.

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12 Months Maintenance for Existing X-Particles and Cycles 4D Users

This product provides 12 months of maintenance for existing users. When you purchase a license the first 12 months of Technical Support and Updates are included, after that time if you want to continue to receive Technical Support and Updates you will need to purchase a 12 months Maintenance Agreement.

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