Sneak Peek: NAB Demo of SpeedLooks for SpeedGrade – New in Adobe CS6

SpeedLooks is a series of look presets for the new Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 color correction software that emulate 35MM film in real-time, with the use of deep color 3DLUTs that will change how you work in Adobe CS6.

What is SpeedGrade?

Adobe SpeedGrade CS6  is a new component of the Adobe CS6 lineup for color correction and finishing. The nondestructive Lumetri Deep Color Engine offers maximum latitude for working with RAW and HDR footage, allowing you to pull details from your blacks and highlights that might otherwise be lost. Load sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for grading and finishing.or import EDL files from other applications. SpeedGrade CS6 supports Alexa, RED, Phantom and Weisscam, DPX, Cineon, QuickTime, TGA, TIFF, and OpenEXR.

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What is SpeedLooks?

  • SpeedLooks was developed by artists, for artists. Inspired by the best films of today and yesterday.
  • LookLabs SpeedLooks products and bundles will be available for CS6. Look for them soon at Toolfarm!

Colorist Jeff August talks about the new SpeedLooks products for Adobe CS6:

“SpeedLooks is a series of look presets that emulate 35MM film in real-time with the use of deep color 3DLUTs that will change the way colorists, editors, cinematographers, photographers and designers work forever.  Quite a bold statement I know, but it’s true! As a colorist working with a lot of RED footage over the last couple of years, I commonly get one question; “Why doesn’t my footage look like the movies I have seen that were shot with RED, like The Social Network?” Well it’s nothing you’re doing wrong… it all has to do with the color science.

LooksLab Demo

For years, the large film houses have had their “Secret Sauce” that they apply to films, TV series and commercials to give their footage the rich and dynamic look we are used to seeing on big and small screens. Over the years many companies have come up with “looks” packages which are no more than a series of 1D color corrections and effects that could be achieved in the program the artist is using (like After Effects). When you apply these filters they always tend to give a flat color wash to the image, forcing artists to add more contrast to their scenes to make them look somewhat reasonable. Now try to make those looks work over a bunch of shots or scenes…all I can say is, there is a better way.

I’d like you to meet SpeedLooks, by LookLabs. SpeedLooks is a finely tuned plugin that allows your footage to look and respond just like traditional film in real-time and it works with the new Adobe CS6 suite of tools including SpeedGrade, After Effects and Photoshop.  Every look is tailored for today’s advanced digital cinema cameras however our looks work with Rec. 709 footage shot with any digital camera and DSLR raw still images.”

LookLabs Trailer

“So how do you use them?  Simple. In SpeedGrade, create a grading layer for your clip, scene, show, or movie and apply a SpeedLook from the LOOKS tab. Instantly your footage will transform into whatever look you have selected.  Then the fun stuff begins.  You can tweak your SpeedLook preset and start creating your own custom looks. Once you’re happy with the overall feel you can begin to do your shot-to-shot grade. One thing you will immediately notice is that only simple color correction (blacks, gamma, and whites) is needed to keep your shots balanced.  This means a colorist can spend their time on being creative with the grade (vignettes, secondary’s, masking…etc.) instead of creating a look.

Did I mention that SpeedLooks work in Photoshop?  What does this mean? Two things, firstly it will allow cinematographers, editors and colorists to apply our looks to test frames from a DSLR or frame grabs from a camera test. They can then work within Photoshop to tweak the look with tools that they may be more familiar with.

Secondly, still photographers and print artists will now be able to harness the power of film emulation in their workflow.”

LookLabs Promo

LookLabs Trailer Comparison

SpeedLooks Q & A:

Q: When, when, when can I purchase SpeedLooks?
A: Our look plug-ins will be available when Adobe releases CS6, sometime soon!

Q. How much will they cost?
A: Plug-ins for Rec. 709 HD and Photoshop DSLR RAW will range from $99 to $129.00. Plug-ins for Digital Cinema cameras (ALEXA, RED, and C300/C500) prices will start at $199.00. Custom looks and workflow consultations are also available.

Q. Will I own these looks or are they licensed?
A: They are all yours once purchased and can be modified and shared between unlimited machines.

Q.  Who can use these looks?
A: Our looks are for everyone in the production workflow. DP’s will now be able to craft and shape their images using our looks allowing for more creative control when shooting (Our looks can plug into onset monitors or LUT boxes) and in post. Editors are constantly being asked to give their pieces a look “can you make my piece stand out please?”  Colorists will love them because of their precise color palette and stability when applied to various cameras. Also colorists will be able to use these as a base in creating their own unique 35mm looks.

Q. Are SpeedLooks just for SpeedGrade?
A: You will be able to use SpeedLooks in SpeedGrade, After Effects and Photoshop.  Photoshop?  You bet! This means still photographers will now be able to give the true look of film to their images.

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