Special Quarantine Offers, Free or Discounted Licenses, Updated 18 May 2020

Special Quarantine Offers
Updated 18 May 2020: We’ve added free Slate Academy for 90 days, and 2 free months of Adobe Spark.  Look for the New or Updated badge.

While we are not handing out toilet paper, we do have a list of special offers (“like you’ve never seen before”). These offers are designed to help ease the stress and transition to working from home. This page is dedicated to those offers. Find them all of them in one place. We will keep this page updated for as long as this quarantine period lasts. Stay Healthy. Stay Creative.

In addition to these special offers:


Adobe Spark – Get 2 free months of an Adobe Spark Subscription. New

Working Remotely? Adobe Can Help. This article has loads of great information from Adobe about working with a team and in the cloud.

Adobe is Giving Everyone 2 Months of Free Creative Cloud — Here’s How To Get It

Adobe Substance – Get a free 30-day trial. They’ve reset the trials if you’ve already tried it, too. Teachers and students can use Substance for free.


Get a 90 day trial of Final Cut Pro X version 10.4.8 for Mac.

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Free Licenses and Online Training thru October 2020

“As of today, we are offering all of our products for FREE until the end of October 2020! This means SCRATCH 9.2, SCRATCH VR 9.2, PlayPro 9.2, SCRATCH Web, and our recently released Live Looks and Live Assist are all FREE to you!”

Also, ” ScopeBox can now work directly with SCRATCH, Live Looks, Live Assist and Play Pro via ScopeLink. ”

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Check out online tutorials: 
FREE access to Lowepost online SCRATCH Training:




Offering Free Duplicate Licenses to Enable Creative Users to Work from Home

Impacted by facility closures or need to temporarily enable remote workers? Enable your creative team members to continue getting their work done remotely! Avid is providing free 90-day licenses of their creative tools, including Media Composer, Pro Tools, and Sibelius, to qualified customers. Please read this document for eligibility details and instructions.

Enabling Unique Remote Workflow Solutions for Your Avid Environment

Customers who are using Avid platforms to create, manage, store, or distribute content can easily tap into capabilities to extend news, sports, and post-production workflows with remote production and collaboration at scale. Many clients can achieve this rather quickly based on simply extending their current infrastructure with some additional tools that are available from Avid.

For more information, please refer to these documents outlining solutions for broadcast and media workflows as well as available remote options for Media Composer and Pro Tools. You can also contact your local Avid representative or contact Sales@toolfarm.com for help and guidance.

Implementing Advanced Cloud Solutions to Protect & Expand Your Workflows

Enterprises that are looking to more substantially address and mitigate the business continuity issues they’re facing today, as well as protect against future disruptions like this one, can leverage more advanced cloud strategies or SaaS-based solutions. Avid’s cloud specialists can consult with you to explore immediate options, leveraging the work we’ve already done to help other media companies move their workflows into the cloud.

You can request a consultation on a cloud solution to help address your concerns, and our team will respond and engage within 24 hours.

“As an added measure to assist our community in adjusting their workflows to accommodate COVID-19 virus precautions, Avid will make a limited number of temporary licenses of our creative products available to qualified media enterprise and educational institutions at no charge.”

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Boris FXBoris FX

“During the uncertain times surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I’d like to personally reach out to you to restate our commitment to continue serving and supporting the worldwide broadcast and post-production community when you need us most. I know that many of you had to disrupt your normal working environments on short notice and move your editing, compositing, and motion graphics work to your homes.”

“As we continue to navigate this global pandemic together, our team is focusing on how to better serve you.

We know many of you are currently unable to access your node-locked licenses (Sapphire, Continuum, Mocha Pro, and Silhouette) because they are linked to your company’s workstations. We’re introducing a new feature that alleviates the situation. You can now deactivate your license directly from your account page on our website. “

If your company purchased floating licenses, we’re offering free 60-day “at home” licenses to all qualifying customers.

More information


finalRender Free Unlimited Trial

finalRender Free is available for immediate download. In an effort to bring advanced GPU and CPU rendering to everyone, cebas has created a no feature restriction free version of its current leading rendering application: finalRender. Delivering the same powerful NVIDIA OptiX™ 7 features, finalRender Free is the smart choice for 3ds Max artists working in the field of Architecture, Design, and 3D Visual Effects.

finalRender Free vs. finalRender Subscription Drop 4.

Find below the list of differences between the free version and the commercial version of finalRender:

  • trueHybdrid™ is always Off – One Device only for rendering – Choose either CPU or GPU
  • finalToon is not part of the free version
  • No Network Rendering functionality

Besides these aforementioned differences, finalRender Free can be used to freely create and render commercial projects, without any restrictions or royalties.

You need to register for the free unlimited trial at cebas.com. Once registered, you get access to:

  • Free Demo Versions
  • Free Service Packs of your registered Software
  • Special Training Videos
  • Access and Modify your own Registration Data
  • Create your Personal Portfolios

Register Here  Learn More about finalRender

chaos groupChaos Group

There’s a new special CG Community Discount available that will make it easier for everyone who is trying to switch to working from home. Chaos Group explains:

Our cloud-rendering solution, Chaos Cloud, offers quick access to additional cloud-rendering power. It can be an option for customers switching to remote work as it provides scalability and frees up personal workstations. To make the service as accessible as possible, we are temporarily updating our Chaos Cloud pricing.

Chaos Cloud is now offered at a price per credit – Typically $1.00 per credit, now at a discounted price of $0.54 per credit – purchase as many (or few) as you need!

All credits under this offer have an expiration term of 3 months.  In an effort to ensure you have more rendering resources at home, we’ve extended the discounts on Chaos Cloud credits until May 21, 2020 to help.

Learn more about Chaos Cloud

Chaos Cloud Offer FAQ:

Q: Can I add more credits midway to complete a project? Will my job be interrupted if I run out of credits?
A: Yes, you can add more credits at any time. If you run out of credits while rendering, your job will be paused.
You can easily resume your job once you get more credits.

Chris Vranos Lockdown and Composite Brush

Lockdown and Composite Brush are free through the end of May. To get your free license, you will need to request them at aescripts. This one isn’t new but we just found out about it.

Free Lockdown Free Composite Brush Buy Lockdown  Buy Composite Brush

Digital Anarchy

“We’re offering 30-day licenses for all our products. If you’re using this time to experiment with new plugins that’ll let you play around with the fully functional version of the product. The same goes if you want to use them in a real project. There’s no watermark or any other limitation.”

Here are all the 30-day license keys for our different products. Just go to Digital Anarchy’s Demo page to download the software. License keys will activate them.

Download links:
https://digitalanarchy.com/demos/psd_mac.html (Mac)
https://digitalanarchy.com/demos/psd_win.html (Windows)

License Keys:

Transcriptive: 1bdb67a241934f6cb6afaffe53f91d63
PowerSearch: 825ACA54BCFC1D8A1C15B9D3-D1BC

Beauty Box
Adobe – Beauty Box (Adobe): 57F5B450AF3533EB982BAA24-2127
Resolve/OFX – Beauty Box: 6DA927E3D3B38FD548DF5C64-9E88
FCP – Beauty Box: DDC9C3862E7DA5297A25DB96-75BC
Avid – Beauty Box: 287F1176A4CB0D905DA6C98F-DFEA

Flicker Free
Adobe: DC8D1F8BD88C2E90CDDEEF90-DAF6
Resolve/OFX: 6B1B6CD114235A9684151DDC-9F79
FCP: 54119A17B2A23FA644AEB551-E8B4
Avid: 0AE43858CD919D713AB17F26-0F14

Samurai Sharpen
Adobe: DA553D9AC7757543CBF051EC-7A20
Resolve/OFX: B61350AB7AB0002077A887CA-1847
FCP: BB3A1F53BFF62DFD15E95701-F7EE

e-on software

e-on Software

“In these difficult times, we would like to reassure you on the commitment from our team to ensure the quality of service you deserve. The whole e-on software team is on ‘virtual’ deck, and in full throttle to continue developing and supporting the tools you use and love.

We understand that the whole entertainment industry will be totally shaken, with personal and professional consequences and an impact that no-one can easily forecast.

As professionals, parents, or simply as human beings, we want to help the community get through this endeavor as much as we possibly can.

We have therefore taken several decisions effective immediately and until April 15, 2020.”

  • 40% Off Professional and Enterprise Solutions
  • 2 months of complimentary PlantCatalog Creator
  • 2 months of complimentary access to our Creator Solutions

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Fabfilter provides 30-day trials for their software. If you need more than 30 days while you’re staying put at home, head to www.fabfilter.com/covid19 for your free 30-day trial extension.



We have a fantastic new offer for quarantine learning. Save $150 off your first year of Greyscalegorilla Plus! If you’re cooped up at home and wanting to learn more about Cinema 4D, this is just for you.

Learn more


INSYDIUM has reset the trials for X-Particles and Cycles 4D and extended them to 3 months.

iToo Software

iToo is a company that has embraced perpetual licensing instead of going the way of subscriptions so they are unable to issue temporary licenses. They explain, “Once one of our licenses is activated, it is yours to use forever.” You do have a couple of options if you have licenses of RailClone and Forest Pack at the office. The information is from their webpage.

  • Standalone. Although not explicitly stated in our EULA, we allow users to install a second copy of our plugins on a laptop or home PC assuming that the two computers are not used at the same time. If you require additional activations, please email us on helpdesk@itoosoft.com
  • Network/Floating. You can access your network licenses from home as long as you can connect to the license server. If your company does not already have a VPN or equivalent available, for ease of setup we are currently recommending Teamviewer. To see what ports need to be made available for access from a remote location, please see this article

It’s great that iToo Software is already a fully remote team, so their business hours and level of service should remain unaffected.

Mekajiki rendergardenRendergarden

Mekajiki offers free RenderGarden software to After Effects artists stuck at home.

Working from home? No access to your studio’s infrastructure? If you use Adobe After Effects, RenderGarden can help. And it’s free!

Developed by San Francisco’s leading motion design studio Swordfish, RenderGarden is a suite of tools for After Effects which takes advantage of all of the CPU cores in your Mac or PC, resulting in a significant speedup for your final renders. A typical 12-core workstation can see as much as a 4x speed increase depending on the project, and the more cores you have the more significant the speed up. In addition, RenderGarden’s muti-machine rendering functionality allows you to quickly set up multiple computers for distributed rendering. Never before has creating a render farm for After Effects been so simple and painless.

“We initially created RenderGarden for a specific project where our artists were working off-site with limited infrastructure and no ability to leverage our studio’s large render farm” explains Mekajiki & Swordfish founder Matt Silverman. “As we now face the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic, the best thing we all can do at this point is isolate and work from home. To help everyone get through this time, we are offering a fully-functional version of RenderGarden to help everyone in the After Effects community work as effectively as possible until we can return to normalcy.”

Download RenderGarden Home Edition

(Select Adobe After Effects Host)

Nugen Audio

“We understand that many of our customers are also unexpectedly having to work remotely, so we are offering additional temporary licenses for plug-ins which you already own but can’t currently access.

Owners of iLok licenses can access temporary 2-month licenses for a number of our products* from their My Licenses page. Additionally, our Challenge Response license codes will now allow one additional authorization.”

*Currently available for Halo Downmix, Halo Upmix, ISL, LM-Correct and VisLM

RE:Vision EffectsRE:Vision Effects

For a Limited Time, Users Currently on a Floating License are eligible for free emergency licensing (Details Below). If you are not current on your licensing – Now is the time to Upgrade – ALL RE:Vision Effects Upgrades are 50% Off!

Learn more


If your company has a Shaderlight network license that you can’t access at the moment please contact support@artvps.com and ArtVSP can assist you. Also, don’t forget that your Shaderlight license comes with two activations. This will allow you to render on your home computer too!

Slate Academy New

Get Slate Academy Master Classes from Slate Digital free for 90 days! Learn more



“We’re staying home to protect our community and our team. We sincerely hope you are too. To help you make your home studio a happier one, we’re letting you use Effect Rack FREE through June 30.  Soundtoys Effect Rack is our most powerful plug-in. It’s usually only available in the Soundtoys 5 bundle – but for this lockdown, we’re letting Effect Rack out.”


“We would like to let you know that our dedicated technical support team continues to be available as usual. Our support specialists are available almost around the clock and are happy to assist you. You are welcome to contact them here.”

“To help you get on with your creative work, no matter where you are, we’re happy to offer you the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin at the most affordable price ever available.”

Abbey Road Studio 3 – Only $50 + Extended 90 Day Demo

Abbey Road Studio 3 uses Waves Nx® immersive audio technology to model the spatial acoustics of the iconic Abbey Road Studio 3 control room. This is Abbey Road’s flagship room for mixing in both stereo and surround.

  • Produce and mix on headphones with the same well-balanced acoustic response that you would hear inside the original Studio 3 control room.
  • Get a great reference environment on headphones. In effect, increase your confidence that your sessions will translate properly to speakers and sound systems everywhere.
  • Most importantly, you and your friends get access to the same consistent, well-treated acoustic environment. You can be more confident that your listening experiences will be similar, even when you are not in the same physical location.

Shop Now Get the demo

NX Virtual Mix Room – Extended 90 Day Demo

“…these days many of us are creating in less than ideal circumstances, at home and in a room that is perhaps not acoustically treated.

Want to create great mixes but don’t have an acoustically perfect room? The Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin recreates the acoustics of a high-end studio inside your headphones, so you can make great mixing decisions anytime, anywhere.

To help you stay creative, we are pleased to offer you an extended 90-day demo of the Nx plugin (instead of the usual 7 days).

Get your 90 Day Demo

Are you a Student or Educator?

Student Software Resources for QuarantineIf you’re a student or have students at home, some companies are making their software available during quarantine. We’ve heard about other companies that will also have options for students and will post information once it is solid. We will keep this list up to date for you.

Student Software during quarantine 

Working from Home Tips

Working (or Not Working) from Home? Advice from a Seasoned Remote Worker

We also have an article dedicated to advice on how to work from home. For example, get tips on setting up a workspace and working with a remote team. Also, learn about dealing with distractions, sharpening you skills.  Plus some advice on keeping your kids busy and keeping your sanity.

Get the Tips

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