The ChangeLog: Redshift, FumeFX for Maya, Maya, Boris Continuum

the Changelog

redshift 3dRedshift v2.6.44

This update contains mainly bug fixes but also adds Post FX output switches for 3ds Max’s Frame Buffer, Increased the Fisheye FPV limit to 360º for 3ds Max, Improved the UI for direct AOVs in Cinema 4D and a few other new features for Houdini, Katana, and Renderview.

Read all of the improvements on the Updates tab on the Redshift Product page.


fumefx 5.0.4 updateSitni Sati FumeFX™ 5.0.4 for Maya®

Sitni Sati releases FumeFX™ 5.0.4 update for Autodesk® Maya®. This update includes GPU Viewport Multiview option that allows artists to view all FumeFX grids in a single viewport. With FumeFX 5 release there were many changes and improvements throughout the simulation core which inevitably led to quite different simulation results when compared to previous FumeFX version. The newly added option to use the FumeFX 4 Solver will allow users to achieve similar results compared to FumeFX 4 with benefits of FumeFX’s 5 features. FumeFX 5.0.4 adds more controls and updated preview for Turbulence Noise as well as new Affect Velocity Magnitude Mode. Another great addition is the Parameter Check dialog that allows users to quickly determine which simulation parameters were changed from their default values.

The full press release with details of the update is on the product page under the Updates tab.

Sitni Sati FumeFX for Maya

Autodesk MayaAutodesk Maya 2019.2

This is a point update but has TONS of new features. Maya 2019.2 introduces Bifrost for Maya. It also contains a lot of fixes.

Read about the update here.

Autodesk Maya Autodesk Media and Entertainment Collection

Boris ContinuumBoris Continuum 12.5.1

v12.5.1 is a Maintenence update for 2019.5. There are some feature enhancements in Particle Illusion and one for Title Studio. There are several bug fixes in this update as well. Please see the release notes under the updates tab of the Continuum product page.

Boris Continuum Perpetual License Boris Continuum Annual Subscription

Zynaptiq WormholeZynaptiq Wormhole 1.1.0

In this update, which came out in mid-July:

  • Added new artist presets by Brett Hinton
  • Added GUI zoom with a range of 70-200%.

Zynaptiq Wormhole

3D-CoatPilgway 3D-Coat v4.9.03

3D-Coat had a major update to v4.9 last week and then two smaller updates since then. These releases are bug fixes so if you updated to v4.9, make sure you get these latest releases. Read more on the updates tab on the 3D-Coat product page.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki