The ChangeLog: Rowbyte Aura, Audio Ease 360pan Suite

the Changelog

This week has been a little quiet for updates. Well, it is prime vacation time right now.  We only have updates for Audio Ease 360Pan Suite and Rowbyte Aura.

Although these are small point updates, they’re often important updates. They can add support for hosts and remove support for older hosts. Sometimes bugs that have been driving you mad can get fixed, and other times it’s a crucial security fix. And, sometimes they’re just giving you some great new features!

I’ve also tried to make The Change Log more concise so I’ve removed product descriptions and left it as a button to learn more about a product. Scroll down to see what’s new!

Rowbyte Aura 1.1

rowbyte auraRowbyte Aura 1.1 came out Wednesday July 10, 2019 with new features and changes that include:

  • Dots Rendering Mode – Render Dots instead of Lines or Surfaces
  • Color Maps for gradients – Use AE Layers as Color Maps to drive the colors of the waves. Also useful to animate Color Gradients over time.
  • Gradient Position Mode.
  • Compatibility update with Floating License Server.

If you already own Aura 1.0, this is a free update.

What’s new in Aura 1.1 Get Aura

Audio Ease 360pan Suite v3.1

Audio Ease has updated 360pan Suite 3.1 adding 360Limiter, Pro Tools support for Windows, OpenGL rendering in plug-ins reducing CPU load and more.

What’s new in 360pan Suite Version 3.1?

  • New 360limiter, true ambisonics limiter plug-in added to the suite (see video for more info)
  • New Pro Tools (AAX) support for Windows added
  • Added OpenGL rendering in plug-ins, reducing cpu load dramatically
  • Added option to double the 360monitor’s preview video window size
  • Fixed communication problem with latest generation HC-06 head trackers

Version 3.1 is a free update for the 360pan Suite.

What’s new 360pan Suite 3.1 Get audio Ease 360pan Suite


Posted by Kim Sternisha