The Changelog: Red Giant, Maxon, Redshift, more

the Changelog

We have a lot of changes to tell you about today in The Changelog. This includes updates from Red Giant, Maxon, Redshift, Silhouette, and more.

Although these are small point updates, they’re often important updates. They can add support for hosts and remove support for older hosts. Sometimes bugs that have been driving you mad can get fixed, and other times it’s a crucial security fix. And, sometimes they’re just giving you some great new features!

MaxonMaxon Cinema 4D R21.1

Release date: 5 December 2019

Summary: This is a service release that includes updates to support Redshift materials within the Node Material system introduced in Cinema 4D Release 20. Read more


redshiftRedshift v3.0.12

Released: 4 December 2019

Summary: Added initial support for Cinema 4D R21 Nodes Materials – this requires Cinema 4D R21.112. And much more. Read more

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SilhouetteBoris FX Silhouette 2020.0.2

Updated: 3 December 2019

Summary: New features include Enable Source > Extend Duration On By Default and Timeline > Show Work Range On By Default. Plus, a few bug fixes. More


GEOlayersGEOlayers 3 v1.0.3

Updated: 29 November 2019

Summary: Improvements and bug fixes. More

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Red GiantRed Giant Updates

We have 2 updates here.

Released: 3 December 2019
Summary: Bundles were updated to support 1.0.6 of RGA

Released: 25 November 2019
Summary: All standalone products updated to add support for Red Giant Complete.


resolume 7Resolume Arena & Avenue v7.0.5

Released: 28 November 2019

Summary: NDI 4, FFGL Plugin Improvements, Smoother SMPTE Playback, Alley Footage Downloader. There were other fixes too. More


Coremelt CoreMelt Build 509

Released: 26 November 2019

Summary: New updates to fix some issues with our plugins with macOS Catalina and FCP X 10.4.7.


Posted by Michele Yamazaki