The Lab: Ep. 2: Trapcode Tao

The Lab: Ep. 2: Trapcode Tao

I have so many little projects that I’ve started and never finished or that were kind of cool but not the look I was going for. I’ve decided to put these to some use, so here is episode 2 of The Lab, featuring Trapcode Tao.

I was asked by Red Giant to review Tao quite a long time ago. I’ve been fighting bad RAM issues with third party RAM. If you’ve never had to deal with mysterious computer issues, you’re lucky. No joke, I’ve been having problems since July! It appears that the RAM I exchanged for the third time actually works! I may have gotten two shipments from a bad batch of RAM. I shouldn’t count my proverbial chickens before they’re hatched though. So far, so good, though!

Trapcode Tao is a lot of fun to use and a great way to get your creative juices flowing! You can start out with presets or just jump in on your own. You’re even welcome to start with my files and modify them as you wish.

About the Trapcode Tao Project Files

Download project files here The project was saved with After Effects CC 2015.3 and uses Trapcode Tao 1.0.

The project files contain most of the Tao examples shown in the video.

More about Trapcode Tao

Download a free demo of Trapcode Tao or Trapcode Suite

Note: Trapcode Tao is only available in the Trapcode Suite

Buy Trapcode Tao

More Goodies for Trapcode Tao: Tutorials, Environmental Maps, Freebies

Trapcode Tutorials Peder Norrby set up this Vimeo channel 5 years ago and it has TONS of stuff.

Tao Maelstrom and Plastic Vortex

Logo Reveal with Trapcode Tao

Low poly Cupcake Christmas tree with Trapcode Tao

Tao Flowing Ribbons

Download environment maps here: download larger environmental maps


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Posted by Michele Yamazaki