The Toolfarm Report: Bits from the Interwebs

Freebie Text presets for Sapphire. Peter Wiggins of idustrial revolution talks about Quartz Composer and the future of Final Cut Pro 7.Review of Nattress Levels and Curves, Trapcode Particular dust tutorial, AENY meeting feat. Maxon and Adobe seeking non-English testers for After Effects.

Free Textarama Presets for GenArts Sapphire v6

John Dickinson has put together some cool text effects (www.motionworks.com.au) for GenArts Sapphire through FxCentral.

Will the end of Apple's Quartz Composer finally kill off Final Cut Pro 7 and its plug-ins?

Peter Wiggins of idustrial revolution talks about Quartz Composer in Final Cut Pro 7 and the future of the software, since Apple will not be developing Quartz Composer further. Peter explains how to contact Apple and use the power of social media to save it. He says: Apple need to know that we would like Quartz Composer out of the intensive care unit and back for more years of happy healthy life. If you have an Apple Developer ID then please contact them and register your interest. This is super important if any products you sell utilise QC. One developer also mentions the need of support for OpenGL Core Profile including a migration path for existing Quartz Composer plug-ins to OpenGL Core Profile.

Review: Nattress Levels and Curves for FCP7, FCPX and After Effects

https://www.toolfarm.com/buy/nattress_levels_and_curvesJohn DeMaio at Production Apprentice gives a review of Nattress Levels and Curves, which uses Noise Industries FxFactory Fx Engine (available free).

His bottom line: Natress Levels and Curves also works quite will with Final Cut Pro X and After Effects CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. I would like to see Adobe Premiere added to that list, so hopefully we will have that in the future. At $49, though, it’s an affordable solution and easy way to get the best look out of your footage in a pinch!

Download a free demo of Nattress Levels and Curves here.


Red Giant Quick Tip #67: Realistic Dust Hits

In this tutorial, John Einselen shows you how to create realistic dust hits with Trapcode Particular. He also covers some very advanced compositing techniques for 3D animators working with Particular.

Red Giant QuickTip #67: Realistic Dust Hits from Red Giant on Vimeo.

After Effects New York: September 2012 Meeting – Maxon CINEMA 4D R14

Joe Herman is the New York Representative for Maxon’s CINEMA 4D and an experienced user. He will be presenting at AENY on Thursday, September 27 from 6:45-9:00pm at PS 41, 116 West 11th St., New York, NY 10011-8306. Joe is a long time freelancer, motion graphics artist, animator and filmmaker, and has served at many production companies, networks and ad agencies over the years. Joe has also taught at SVA, among other establishments, and often writes about the industry in online and print publications. Check out some of Joe's work at  www.legendanimation.com.

Adobe team seeking testers 

The After Effects team seeking help testing Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and Hebrew. The After Effects team is interested in enlisting some help testing with these languages. Click the link above for more information


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