The Toolfarm Report – Today’s Tidbits

It has been a while so we thought we’d share some Apple FCPX news, 3ds Max’s new mCloth simulation sneak peak and some Photoshop tips.

The Rumor Mill: Apple to Add Storyboard Tools to iMovie & Final Cut Pro X

There was a patent filed by apple last week to bring a teleprompter tool to iMovie and FCP X. Sources also say there's a new Storyboard tool in the works. Patently Apple is following the story and has a nice image of a sketch of the interface submitted with the patent. Can you see new Storyboard plug-ins to work with this new feature? Martini Quickshot already is a storyboard creation tool for FCP X.

3ds Max’s new mCloth cloth simulation system: watch the sneak peek video now

Looks interesting. Did you know Toolfarm carries a slew of 3ds Max plug-ins? The Sitni Sati plug-ins are quite popular.

Photoshop – Non Destructive Filters

Julieanne Kost has a tip on her blog about converting layers to Smart Objects in Photoshop so that the filters are non-desctructive. I discovered this a couple of years ago by accident. I also convert a large logo or image to a Smart Object and then scale it down. If I need to scale it back up, it does not lose resolution in the raster state. Here's her tip:

“To apply a nondestructive filter to a layer, convert the layer into a Smart Object before adding the filter (Layer > Smart Object > Convert to Smart Object). A Smart Filter mask will automatically be added, enabling you to selectively hide and show the filter. To edit the filter settings, double-click on the name of the filter. To change the opacity and/or blend mode of the filter, double-click on the small icon to the right of the filter name.”

Improve the Quality of Enlarged Images with These Photoshop Tips

Lifehacker also has a great tip on keeping sharpness in enlarged images. Use Lab Color and Photoshop's Smart Sharpen. This really does keep things sharper (sometimes a bit too sharp though).

Posted by Michele Yamazaki