Tonight! Toolfarm Motion Designers & Animators Group Online w Ben Eshagpoor

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Join us this evening, Thursday, September 17, for the Toolfarm Motion Designers and Animators group. We had to reschedule from our usual second Tuesday so we’re having a do-over! Our special guest is Benjamin Eshagpoor, an L.A.-based editor, cinematographer, animator, music composer, and jack-of all-trades. He’ll be talking about his new film Life is Art, which he just finished! It’s below and only 4 minutes long. Ben did 99% of the film himself! Come to the meeting and ask Ben questions.

The film is about how life informs your art, and every artist uses different tools to created and express that art.

Ben did the whole film himself using a Puget Systems computer. He used After Effects, Cinema 4D, Kitbash3D, Greyscalegorilla tools, Video Copilot Element 3D, Boris FX tools, and more. He even composed the music with Cubase. Watch the video and come to your meeting with your questions for Ben.

Check out Ben’s website and tutorials

Ben also has a web show called In The Biz, where he interviews artists that are in the business of motion design, filmmaking, audio, and other forms of media. We’ve featured some of his interviews and they’re always entertaining and educational.

The Toolfarm Motion Designers and Animators Group Online meeting is free and open to anyone in the world, so join us!

Brought to you by Toolfarm.com, we are a group of creatives who focus on storytelling through design and animation. We get together to talk shop and network. Do you like to concept, design, storyboard, animate, or all of the above? Do you like to use the Adobe Creative Suite and/or Cinema 4D? Maybe you like Maya and Nuke? Bring your interests and let’s hang out.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki