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Toolfarm Awards 2022: Favorite AR / VR / 360° Tool

Toolfarm Awards 2022 ar vr 360

Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity tied for first place in the Favorite AR / VR / 360° Tool in the Toolfarm Awards 2022. Unreal Engine misses the tie for first by only a few votes. Next year, this category will simply be called Immersive Tools.

Why do artists like to use Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity for AR / VR / and 360° work?

Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity are popular tools for creating augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 360° content. Both tools offer a wide range of powerful features that make it easy to create professional-quality immersive experiences. Adobe Creative Cloud includes several applications that are useful for creating AR, VR, and 360° content. For example, Photoshop for creating and editing images, After Effects for creating animations and visual effects, and Premiere Pro for editing video. Unity, on the other hand, is a popular game engine and Real-time Development Platform. Unity makes it easy for artists to create immersive, interactive environments for games, auto, film, and more. Both Adobe Creative Cloud and Unity provide artists with versatile and powerful toolsets for creating professional-quality AR, VR, and 360° immersive content.

If you are not familiar with how you can use Adobe Creative Cloud in immersive situations, check out Are you metaverse-ready?

Previous winners: Favorite AR / VR / 360° Tool

2021 winner: Adobe Creative Cloud
2020 winner: Adobe Creative Cloud
2019 winner: Mettle Mantra VR

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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