Toolfarm Motion Designers & Animators March 18: David Mellor & NewBlue

Toolfarm Motion Designers & Animators March 18: David Mellor & NewBlue

We have another change to our Toolfarm Motion Designers & Animators on Thursday, March 18, but it’s a good one! We have a double billing this week with two confirmed guests: David Mellor and Caleb Christofer from NewBlue!

David Mellor

David Mellor, Senior Motion Designer at Wieden + Kennedy, will talk about the animated ad he did with Toolfarm over the past month. The piece is an ode to you, the artist, storyteller, and motion designer. Watch it below!

Toolfarm Spark

Amidst the chaos and struggle of the world, creativity is the light in the darkness. Now more than ever, humanity needs you: the artist and storyteller.

Creativity and imagination are universal languages that bring people together and gives comfort and strength. Storytelling connects humankind, reminding us that we will persevere and adapt. YOU are helping to create the future.

Toolfarm is here to support you. Thank you to all of the artists and storytellers for sharing your passion, your expertise, and your craft.

About the Toolfarm Spark

Toolfarm Spark was animated for Toolfarm by David Mellor. He used Cinema 4D, X-Particles for the dust and lightwave, and Octane to render everything. In addition, he used Substance Designer for some of the ball textures. He also used After Effects on the end tag. The sound design was done with Audio Design Desk. “When budgets are tight and deadlines even tighter, don’t let technology frustrate you from being the best. Audio Design Desk was created to get the technology out of the way of your craft. We had Gabe from Audio Design Desk present at a previous Toolfarm Motion Designers & Animators meeting.

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  • Producers: Michele Terpstra, Alicia Van Heulen
  • 3D animation: David Mellor
  • Audio design: Michele Terpstra



NewBlue makes plugins for a slew of hosts. Caleb Christofer of NewBlue will give a brief overview of the NewBlue plugins, including Titler Pro. In addition, he will show a bit about what they have in the works!

Check out NewBlue Plugins

The Toolfarm Motion Designers and Animators Group Online meeting is free and open to anyone in the world, so join us!

Brought to you by Toolfarm.com, we are a group of creatives who focus on storytelling through design and animation. We get together to talk shop and network. Do you like to concept, design, storyboard, animate, or all of the above? Do you like to use the Adobe Creative Suite and/or Cinema 4D? Maybe you like Maya and Nuke? Bring your interests and let’s hang out.

Got some work you’d like to show? Even better! We meet on Discord, so you can join us anytime! (updated link)

Join us HERE

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